International Summer Family Picnic in Osaka

This summer picnic is for families who are raising bilingual kids!

Japanese families, non-Japanese families, everybody is welcome~ 😉 

Enjoy activities in English such as yoga, face painting, water gun shooting battle, watermelon splitting game, hammock massage etc…

We will have parents’ chat time to exchange information about raising bilingual kids in Japan!!

Limited to 150 people. Please join our picnic and enjoy making new friends & family!

All Activities will be in English & Japanese

English speaking staff will do all activities in English and Japanese.

Most activities are for kids, but some games will be for parents!!


Try Japanese traditional Watermelon splitting!

All kids will love watermelon spitting game.

Each kid covers their eyes and walks towards the watermelon by hearing people’s guidance.

Who can split the watermelon!?


 English speaking staff will play kids popular songs with the guitar.

ギターが得意な外国人がギターで演奏しながら、JUMP! STOP! RUN! TURN! SHAKE!

Wild water gun shooting game & water balloon battle!!

Bring your own water guns and join water shooting battle!! 

Picnic spot is next to creek, so come in your water outfit or swimwear!


Our popular  “Water balloon battle” will be very fun! Kids shoot water balls towards to fathers!

Let’s become your favorite Animal!

8 face painting staff will join this picnic, so all the Kids can be your favorite animals!!!

Relaxing YOGA Time

英語ヨガ 大阪

Parents & Kids Yoga by a bilingual experienced Romanian Yoga instructor.

Anybody welcome including beginners! Instructor explain simply in English & Japanese.

Enjoy 20 min relaxing Yoga time (Bring yoga mat or bath towels)

HAPPY YOGA Official Site:

Enjoy nice park beside a creek

The party will be held at beside creek at the Tsurumiryokuchi park, so bring swimwear for kids just in case!

Family Picnic in Osaka

Date: Aug. 4th (sun) 

Time: 11AM ~ 3PM

Fee: 3,500yen for kids. (from 1 years old) Free for adults and 0 year old kids.

Capacity: Limited to 150 people (please make a reservation)

Place: Tsurumiryokuchi Park

Access:15 mins walk from Subway Nagaholi line Tsurumiryokuchi sta.
Next to Camp site. Creek area. (Red mark on the map below)



How to make a reservation

Please send us the these 5 information.

  1. Full Names for everybody who will join this pic
  2. Kids age
  3. How did you find out about this event

Reservation Form

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